Monday, November 17, 2008

Embarassment of riches

I drove the babes through downtown to get them to sleep; we are parked outside the store at which we will start our afternoon errands. They fell asleep at 1 pm and are BOTH STILL ASLEEP. This is good on the one hand, since we were all awake many times last night due to one or all of us coughing, blowing our noses, smearing our copious snot on the pillows we all end up sharing*, and any extra sleep is a good thing. But long time readers know that my kids a) rarely sleep at the same time, and b) rarely nap for more than 45 mins. So today, when I fortify my morning coffee with a big diet coke to try to make it through the day with no nap of my own, today when I timed my caffeine intake (read: bladder capacity) perfectly for our standard timing, TODAY is the day they sleep on and on and on. I am sitting in my car ruminating on the fact that the bastard lawmakers who made it illegal for me to leave the kids alone and sleeping in the car for three measly minutes while I dart into a store to pee we're CLEARLY CHILDLESS.

*i hope it goes without saying that this is the kids and not Hmama or me.

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Kim said...

next time just pee at my house. my dogs won't tell on you.

Becca said...

I cleared out space in my garage for this very reason. Also, I can put one kid in, then go in and get the other one. Or put them both in and load the diaper bag, make one last bathroom stop, etc. But to be out in public... what a pain!

Momma Fox said...

so i must know -- did you end up having to wake them up? pee yourself? pee into a shopping bag (i know someone who did this)?

also - it is bothering me that monito now looks like he is only 5 months old. i know that i should have larger concerns, but i don't, not really :).