Sunday, November 23, 2008

Churchy goodness

Since I'm visiting my parents, we went to church this morning. Not for services, since Mom still can't sit up for that long since it is only 2 weeks after her knee replacement and I didn't think my kids could handle it and I have NO idea what the Sunday school policies for drop-ins are. There was a big Thanksgiving meal after services which we went attended. Their UCC church is amazing. I went there all through high school, and the youth group really saved my mental health a few times. The congregation there? Truly warm, wonderful and amazing. They all flocked around me and my babies and cooed, hugged us, commented on how cute and smart they were, and told me how much they value my parents in their lives. My mom believes in God, my dad's an atheist who loves community building, religious theory and volunteers many hours a week to the church. Mom spearheaded the Open and Accepting movement years ago, after which the church openly recruits and accepts GLBT members (and has several Family families who are members). The associate pastor is a lesbian. I tend to be agnostic, but have always really thought it would be cool if we could prove that there was a God. The folks I know and love who believe really get a lot out of it.

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Becca said...

Your response to your cousin was hilarious. And right on. You should make a t-shirt. And what is with everyone posting their narrow-minded opinions on Facebook? I have an acquaintence from college who keeps putting weird, inflammitory things about birth control up, and it's offensive since he's 1) a man, 2) not in any way associated with the field of medicine. It makes me want to block him too! It was fine until once when he TAGGED ME on an article. I "untagged" myself quickly!

Your parents' church sounds like a true Christian community as it was originally intended to be. How wonderful!