Friday, March 26, 2010

Sylvia Plath channeling June Cleaver

Having just posted about how fabulous my evening went, I was going through the post-mortem of the day with Homestead Mama.  I described having a hard time keeping my temper this morning and was ready to beat myself up until I realized that it isn't the kids or my mood - it is the multi-tasking that is killing me.

At 9:17 this morning I realized that I was in various stages of doing all the following AT THE SAME TIME:

-feeding the kids
-feeding the dogs
-packing the diaper bag for the day, including hydration, snacks and lunch; diapers, spare clothes, toys, wallet, phone
-washing my hair (in the kitchen sink)
-dressing myself
-calling 3 doctor's office to get 2009 yearly out-of-pocket expenses mailed to me since I need them for taxes and can't keep track of it myself over the course of a year
-dressing Monito (this involves laps in between bits of clothing)
-dressing Pequita (this involves NO HELP, but close monitoring to ensure warm clothes and a minimal of filmy princess garments)
-making/drinking Earl Grey (I lose my tea mug 47 times a morning; this evening I finally found it on a low shelf next to the potty in the bathroom)
-cleaning the breakfast mess up in kitchen
-planning the grocery list in case I made it to the store (requires computer)
-breaking up a (few) fights between kids
-called insurance company to argue an ultrasound not being covered
-gathering library books to be returned (forgot a DVD in player)
-getting kids dressed in coats, mittens, hats (fuck winter!  I'm ready for no layers!)
-rushing to get returnable bottles packed in car to cash in at grocery store
-re-dressing kids as dramatic play caused them to undress to the skin to play "Beach"
-creating new ritual of holding hands in circle and taking deep breaths with children to keep from doing bodily harm; evolved into Ring around the rosy (Thank you, Larry Cohen!***)

We made it to the library and home for naps by 12:30, and were up, fed and perky with the house vacuumed and rugs out freshening in the cold winter sun by the time the 10 year old for whom I do after school care got off the bus at 4pm.  Nothing to show for the day, but holy moly, I feel like I need a medal.  Seriously, I may have to institute a job-review chat once a month with the wife just for the external validation.

***Playful Parenting by Lawrence Cohen is the single-most useful book I've read about parenting.  I cannot recommend it enough. 


Becca said...

Ugh, those mornings are so disorienting! I have no advice, because it happens to me too. Some days go well, some don't!

Glad you were able to find some peace in the midst of it.

Your title made me laugh though!

Becca said...

Also, your tea comment reminded me that my morning occasionally goes: Throw out old coffee, refill coffeemaker, peel bananas for kids, throw out old grounds, add new ones, gather kids' clothes for the day, start coffeemaker, check email, referee fight over something, dress kids, notice coffee is ready... (thirty minutes later) pour coffee (thirty minutes later) wonder why head hurts, microwave untouched coffee... etc!