Friday, March 19, 2010

Gratitude Friday

My parents are in town this weekend.  I am grateful that they are expecting to move here - to the house we own across the street! - next summer.

I am grateful for my my clean car; I took a nap with the kids and my mother washed, vacuumed and detailed the whole thing.  I don't know what the kids will snack on now that the stray Cheerios and Goldfish have been removed from between their carseats.  Look - you can see the carpet!

I am grateful for spring!  We spent the whole day outside - playground in the morning and a hike at a nearby wildflower preserve in the afternoon.  Warm sun, sweet smelling air, and grandparents.  Nothing better, save for weekends when Homestead Mama can join too.

I am grateful to be able to tell my parents all the time that I love them, that I see now, as a parent myself, how hard it was to raise three kids close in age and do such a good job of it.  I am grateful I had kids in time for them to have a chance to know and adore their grandparents.


Becca said...

Sounds wonderful! I love having grandparents close by. It is such a special relationship!

Also, Monito is a GIANT! When did he become a boy and not a baby?

Anonymous said...

Becca, he is indeed huge. 42" tall, 43 lbs, bigger than his 8 month older sister. He spends most of his days hanging out with boys who are a full year + older than him and holding his own. I've started getting comments about his young behavior and pacifier use from 'helpful' strangers when we are shopping because they don't know he is much younger than his size indicates.

-Homestead Mom

Jillian said...

"Gratitude Friday"... what a nice idea. I should start writing those myself. I love seeing the photos of your kids with your parents; I have no grandparents. All were passed by the time I was a year old, so I missed out on this whole section of life most people experience, and it's so lovely to see others filled with so much love and joy, experiencing that bond!

Kate and Crew said...

What a sweet post! So nice to see people appreciate the good things and be thankful for family.