Thursday, March 11, 2010

9mm Bouquet

Pequita: Mommy, I love Monito best of all, that's why we get married. I wear a beautiful white gown and have flowers and a spahkly wing.

Monito: Ok, Pequita, you my best fwiend. But I want a shooter gun with my dwess, not flowers.


JenB4 said...

Nice... Imagine the table centerpieces with the flowers accented by tiny, armed fairies!

We are all settled here, too; Calder has informed us that he will marry us all when he grows up, Me, Sara, and Rosalind, but "especially you, Mommy, so you never have to be sad and I will never leave you."

Good to have the future planned.

Grandma said...

Just warms my heart to hear these comments. Just be prepared for a broken heart down the pike! I've heard these words of love too. You will always have a special place in their hearts though.