Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snow Shoes!

Homestead Mama has a full-blown fantasy of snowshoeing this weekend while my parents are here. She has a set for all of us, and has restrung the bindings on them. The kids have been trooping after her as she stamped down a path around the property begging to join her.

Yesterday I took the kids to EMS to buy them their own toddler-sized showshoes. They had a blast; shortly after arriving, Monito pronounced the store "the best place ever, Mommy!" I believe it had something to do with the kayaks suspended from the ceiling, the vast array of sharp pokey things like ski poles and knives, and the ramp just perfectly sized for toddler-jumping-off in the boot department.

We left the store with a pair of pink and a pair of blue snow shoes rated for 40 - 80 lbs. I was worried the kids would have a hard time with them and they'd have to be returned. Both kids clutched them all the way home in the car, and insisted on going for a little jaunt immediately upon being freed from their car seats. I had no reason to worry - they zipped around like pros in the snow. Homestead Mama is onto something, for sure.

One thing that parenting is giving me is a true sense of amazement at what tiny little people are capable of. I wouldn't have imagined a 2 year old doing half of what Monito does, and Pequita blows my mind on a regular basis.


Alison Williams said...

Awesome. Glad you are enjoying the season. I am so with you on the heating thing too. I just did the conversion -- we keep ours at 64.4, apparently. When we moved into this drafty house I was on maternity leave and I was so paranoid about the gas bill that I kept it at 59 during the day. Foxy and I wore many layers! Somehow I have also converted Sian to freezing temps at night. We now do a weird thing at night where all rads are off except the one in foxy's room. Sorry, I seem to be babbling.

'grandma said...

These pictures are just so cute! You have the most beautiful kids around. Oh those smiles and rosy cheeks are just what all kids need. It looks like so much fun to tromp in the snow on snow shoes!