Thursday, January 14, 2010


To do list for today:

a. (Dress 3 people, feed dogs, medicate dog, shovel off car, get out of snow covered driveway)

1.  Diner for french toast

2.  Consignment store - empty trunk of all toys to sell

3.  Recycle drop off (overflowing bucket somehow)

4.  Buy dog food

5.  Library: kids play on computers while I sell my soul in overdue fees

-----HOME FOR NAPS BY NOON!--------

6.  Strip beds.  Start laundry

7.  Pick up veggie CSA share down the road

8.  Target for new twin sheets

9.  Plug kids into TV while I start to clean

9-A.  Tubbies, if any time


10.  Begin second shift, as Homestead Mama working til 9pm.  Do more cleaning to get ready for parents arriving tonight.

Sounds completely manageable. 

I need to alter list to reflect first item: Figure out how to stop Pequita from making Chewbacca sounds as she tosses a tantrum about mean pirates.  (I've no clue, as usual)


Alison Williams said...

May the force be with you.

Grandma said...

Oh Lord, how can I ever get all this done? You are just too much...we will help you tomorrow with the things that you do not get to do today. Slow down and smell the roses at bit too.