Sunday, October 25, 2009

First Frost? Time for Jack O'Lanterns

Carving pumpkins has taken on a new element this year: power tools.

Monito tried using his toy chainsaw, but it wasn't cutting it. I got out the drill and largest bits and they each drilled many holes in the little pumpkins. They started out as jack o'lanterns, became jack o'lanterns with chicken pox and then became mob hit jack o'lanterns riddled with drill holes. The poor tall one, sporting the single hole to the forehead I fondly think of as execution jack o'lantern. SO MUCH FUN.

Once a few were carved up, we had our traditional popcorn feast while we admire the glowing faces. It was a little short this year due to icy wind storm weather, so we quickly sang the pumpkins on a fence song and zipped inside to watch some Snow White songs on YouTube before bed. After one night of having to explain about how the Evil Queen is not real, we now stick to dwarfs and the Betty Boop-like Snow White only. Hi ho!

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