Monday, October 5, 2009

Diaper Training

This is what diaper training a boy looks like in our house. Easy access all the way. Who knew that when he snuck off to pee on his own (Yay!) the skirt would act as a funnel, stopping all the pee and sending it down the front of the toilet onto the floor. And that this drama would be reenacted with every shirt Monito owns? Gack. Back to peeing sitting down, if possible. And some clear caulk around the base of the toilet so the smell of urine isn't the FIRST thing one is hit with as they walk in the door. I'd rather it be carcass-covered dog; at least that is temporary.


Becca said...

Hysterical!! I found full-on nudity (or just a PJ top that fits closely and doesn't drape over the "area of interest") worked quite well too, but maybe it's too cold up there for that now.

Anonymous said...

I'll totally go with a winter wardrobe of woolen halter tops, baby legs and Ugg boots for him if that's what it takes. He resisted ALL SUMMER and NOW he wants to start trying. Feh.

-Homestead Mom

Alison Williams said...

We have that same poster -- keep calm and carry on!