Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Week in Pictures

We've been busy enjoying autumn. I realized that the Facebook status updates *feel* like I've blogged, which is bad, since I haven't.

I have, so far, 12 half-pint jars of ground cherry jam on the shelf. Homestead Mama made 10 pints of tomatilla salsa and it too is in jars. We have a half bushel of apples & pears to turn into applesauce, and a few gallons of Concord grape juice to turn into jelly and juice. Every night after the kids go to bed we get a little more food canned. It is delightful.

We've been to pick elderberries at our friend Noona's house [at least that's what the kids call her]. She grew pumpkins, and that is so very exciting! I burned the elderberries when trying to reduce the juice, so no jelly.

We went apple picking to get our applesauce supplies, and found blackberry bushes there too.
We have had a pumpkin carving binge, and sit on the front porch with popcorn most nights and watch the jack-o-lanterns glow and sing pumpkin songs. The kids like to wave good night to them from the nursery window before bed.

And this morning? I woke up to a toasty house and the stove on for the first time this season. Bliss.

My 1-month post-LEEP cervix check went well. The doc has never seen a cervix bounce back this fast, and it looks super. Great, I say. If I have to be a star in some way, why NOT a super hero cervix?

We are off now to get our farm share and gather all the green tomatoes and the last of the ground cherries since frost is wreaking havoc with the crops. Then to find more canning jars, as I've run out.

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Momma Fox said...

Autumn is my favourite season and it looks like you're making the most of it! What a difference two years makes...