Sunday, October 5, 2008

Retail Therapy

I left H-Mama an hour ago to go buy more quart jars in which to put the pear/applesauce I'll be making after our jaunt to the u-pick orchard this morning. I was waiting in the checkout lane when I noticed that my best pair of jeans, already 3 years old and a little frayed, were now covered in blackberry stains. (More about that when I get my pics downloaded). I darted into Talbots on my way home and let the nicest women in retail - seriously, it is the only clothing store that has cheerful employees - bring me many pairs of pants in my size while I waited in the dressing room. I walked out 40 minutes later with 4 new pairs of pants that fit me fabulously. Or will after I hem them, as my ass:height ratio is a bit off these days. I bought corduroy, people - I haven't done that in decades. I always feel like a million bucks in my nice preppy Talbots clothes. Now I'm heading back to poop-covered reality, refreshed and better dressed.
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