Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Does the SPCA do interventions?

I just got the email below. We are certainly undeserving of our beloved pets, let alone babies. Moody is 14 this year, has no warm fur coat, and hates the cold. It was 15 degrees out last night. Oy. I'm going to hell.

Email from: Lovely Neighbor

Hi Homestead Mom,

Do you know where your children are?

This morning, just before 5am, our dog started barking and growling at the door. I opened the door to let her out and beheld a small jumping, very happy dog. It was Moody. He came running in, delighted, all wiggly and running around and grabbed a dog toy pumpkin. He checked out the bowl I fed him in when he stayed with us. I gave him a couple treats, and then brought him over to your house & slipped him in. We managed to be very quiet, as I heard no barking from upstairs!


If he had been out all night, he may have slept on our dog's bed which still has a blanket on it. Or maybe he saw our lights come on this morning and ran over? He was too cute when he ran in and grabbed Kira's toy and was running around.
Lovely Neighbor
He's doing ok now, but could have really struggled. We'll have to change some habits before the new baby arrives.

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