Monday, January 29, 2007

Let the wild rumpus begin

I'm definitely having Braxton Hicks contractions. My ute will go from a muscle-y firm lump inside my ab cavity to a hard protruding bump which makes me HAVE TO PEE IMMEDIATELY. It's been happening at least a couple times a day. Very odd, but not painful. Dr. Google says they can be brought on by dehydration, so yay, another reason to drink more water (=more trips to the bathroom). Only one source said that drinking wine would relax them, which is too bad, since I require corroboration.

One great thing is that I haven't gained any weight yet. Frequently, women have put on 10 - 20 lbs by now, so I am happily using up my stored, um, nourishment to grow this fetus. I'm eating well, but my appetite is limited and I can't eat regular portion sizes without beaching myself on the couch for hours after (note the whale reference.)

I have also felt a distinct roundhouse kick by what ought to be a ~4" leg. No sissy fluttering like I've been feeling, but a distinct swish.

I remain mostly amazed at what my body is doing. The fat pad on my belly, which has confounded my purchasing pants my whole life, is finally meaningful, as the fetus is growing right under it. My partner keeps remarking on how round and smooth my shape is, very ripe and, well, pregnant. These BH contractions are the first thing that my body has done on its own to accommodate this fetus, and it feels impressive. While I started out focused on the whole earth-mother, pregnant, beautiful birth experience mentality, I lost track of that in the years of IF that Homestead Mama endured and then my own struggles & miscarriage. Unfortunately, most of the focus became centered first on the IVF and then on a live baby. Homestead Mama didn't talk much about what her body was experiencing in between those 2 events, as she prefers to tune out all things unnecessary. After a lifetime of anticipation of this process, then a bit of a loss of focus on the good parts, I am warming up to the concept of being pregnant.

What a wild ride I have embarked on.

Homestead Mom, 20w6d

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