Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I had the best of intentions with this blog. If only the baby would learn to love the flashing lights of the computer. Perhaps if I painted the laptop in vibrant black and white graphic stripes she'd tolerate being held in front of it for more than 4 seconds before the wailing begins. Or installed a mobile above it. Hmm. I did get her to focus for a few moments while playing ABBA on youtube, but that was it. Anyway, not having any free time is a big factor in (not) posting.

I've just boned up on how to post from my email account, so I can maybe post from work without getting Dooced. Stay tuned...

Homestead Mom

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Kim said...

I appreciate that you linked to urbandictionary for that word. Because you know I read this, and you know I would have had to google it myself if you had neglected that step. Keep using the big words, it entices me to come back... :)