Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Each night now we read holiday and winter stories at bedtime; in top rotation is a picture book of the Nutcracker ballet story. Pequita's excitement about ballet is ramping up, and we scarcely pass a full length mirror without her busting a move, be it plie', arabesque, or pointed toe leg lift.

I told her that we'll spend Christmas 2010 in Boston at Grandma & Grandpa's house, and that we will all get dressed up and go to see the Boston Ballet dance the Nutcracker. Squeeeeeee! Not only has she planned out her own outfit to the last detail (purple, puffed sleeves, shiny bodice, tulle petticoat, tiny gold not-too-fancy crown) but she has assigned us all colors for our outfits. I am orange (what else?) H-Mama will be in red, and Monito gets a nice backhoe-themed oufit. Not sure how to pull that off as a seamstress.