Wednesday, September 10, 2008


We start gymnastics class tonight.  Both kids are in the 24 - 36 month class, despite Monito's youth.  It is the only way I can do it, and he's pretty huge and agile for his age.  Pequita is beside herself.  Hopefully, given the early evening time, H-Mama will be able to join us after work and get to enjoy it too.

I *do* have gall stones, and will be getting my gall bladder removed via a laparoscopy in mid-Oct.  Joy.  This may just be my 25th major surgery, I'll have to check.  If it is, I think a cake or something might be in order, don't you?  Good thing we still have a freezer full of frozen breast milk.

A group of 5 families start a coop nursery school next week on Monday and Wednesday mornings.  It will be held in our homes, and we'll have 5 or 6 kids to 2 adults, with rotating coverage so everyone gets a couple mornings off a week.  We will have to see if Monito will be with me or can stay in the coop.  There are a couple of issues, and we'll work them out as they present themselves.  I am really excited, as these folks are on the very short list of people I'm comfortable leaving my kids with, and it will be SUPER for my kids to be without me a bit.  I may be able to enjoy some appendage-free activities, too, given a chance to warm up to the idea.

Of course I'll vote for Obama, with pleasure.  I am sick of the politicking, but much more sick of the chokehold the evangelical republicans have had on the country.  I am sorry we have such a crappy choice of a woman VP.  Or it seems she's a crappy choice; who knows, since the McCain people are only letting us have the religious - pro-family crap to stew over.  I want a President who will get us off oil, and get us out of Iraq.  Sadly, I don't think we're going to get that, although clearly Obama is closer to my ideal.  I have fantasies of what he could turn the office space sucked up by the 'Faith-Based Initiatives' people into.  I'd like to see some maverick ideology applied to that.

Pequita uses the potty a lot now when home.  If I leave her bottoms off, she will come get me once an hour or so to lead me by the hand to the bathroom to show me what she's done.  She is pooping like a champ in her littls potty - we are so pleased!  She asks for a little dab of toilet paper and takes care of business, with being allowed to flush as enough incentive.  We haven't ever tried to get her to do this, but do praise and support her fully.  Watch Monito refuse well into puberty.  Wouldn't that just wipe the pleased smugness off my face?

Our grapes in our yard are almost ripe.  We'll pick all that we can reach and make grape juice and jelly.  Happy days!

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Becca said...

There are a lot of Christians who are sick of the choke hold the super conservative Christians have on the country!! I am so afraid of the outcome of this election I can barely watch the coverage anymore. The preschool sounds wonderful!! Have fun at gymnastics.