Monday, September 22, 2008

Grandparent Love, School Love

My dad is fighting aging tooth and nail. His PT has given him core strengthening exercises which he is diligent about. The babies love to help him, and are now mimicking his every move.

Today, I tried out pigtails on Pequita for the first time. It was adorable. Her hair is so curly, they were actually like little squiggly pig tails, hugging her scalp.She is so excited to have nursery school coop to go to by herself. We pack a special bag with a change of clothes, extra diapers, water, and a special toy. She likes to carry it herself, and screams if Monito touches it. We walked out to the car discussing what was going to happen - she's still getting used to being left somewhere without Mama or me. She was disturbed today the whole way downtown as Monito's car seat was empty; she kept saying Bubba? Bubba? and pointing to his spot. No amount of explaining that he was home with Grandma quieted her fears, so we sang all the way to the coop which helped her forget a bit. She was happy to hear me return at 11 am, after an hour of acupuncture and the better part of an hour spent lounging in a coffeehouse alone - alone! She led me around her play space and showed me her favorite toys. So independent she is sometimes.

I am sorry my parents are gone. I already called them to tell them to move up the schedule to relocate here; if they wait a few more years, the kids will miss out, as will they. The plan is for them to move into the house we own across the street, and keep a pied a terre in Boston, so they have a home near each grandchild. I love raising a kid with a village around. Everyone wins.


Kim said...

I am such a fan of the pigtails. I think we should have a pigtail day and all of us should sport the look and walk around town and pretend not to notice other people marveling at our awesomeness.

Becca said...

Such cute pigtails! And I agree, having family close by is wonderful for everyone.