Friday, December 15, 2006

Sticky life

Homestead Mama called me yesterday afternoon to tell me that we have entered a new phase of parenting. This caused some concern, as the last time I heard this gravity in her voice it had to do with the onset of projectile pooping. She went on to say that we have entered the Sticky zone. Pequita's presence in our life is causing sticky spots to appear on surfaces - table tops, books, clothing, TV remote controls. Our baby is growing up.I really need to focus on blogging from home, where it isn't A) illegal, and B) I have access to all my pictures. This post could have a lovely shot of Pequita drooling onto herself and others, her most consistant skill so far (aside from the pooping & farting). Finding time at home is difficult, since Pequita does not yet find the blinking computer screen nearly as interesting as I do and tends to protest sitting in the office for any length of time. Her 'protesting' causes the dogs' ears to press so hard against their heads that they look like seals, and they flee the room in distress. The cats just move to the first floor and select a new cushion to guard.

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