Friday, December 15, 2006


I am doing well - I'm 14 weeks along today, and definitely feel pregnant. Peeing every 90 minutes or so (through the night, too, yay), I have a burning thirst all the time so I'm drinking like a camel, lots of scorching headaches from hormones, and my ute feels like I am carrying a hedgehog around. I am conscious of it most of the time. All of this is fine & manageable; frankly, anything that doesn't involve bleeding is a godsend. HOWEVER, the hormones have left me looking like a 13-year-old. My hair is stringy, my skin is breaking out. This is defintely not the glow I was expecting to be sporting right now.I still haven't told my family - I'm waiting til after the Jan 3rd amnio, so should know if this is a healthy pregnancy by Jan 17 or so. Goodness, I hope so.

My belly is being pushed out by the hedgehog...err...pregnant ute, making me definitely show if I don't dress properly. Since family & friends don't know, and since Margie and I are taking the baby to my parent's house for the holidays, dressing & clothes that camouflage are top on my list. How to hide a small but noticeable swelling without wearing maternity clothes? Not simple. The maternity clothes saleswoman stared at me blankly when I asked if she had some normally-tailored clothes that are cut bigger - NO empire waistline blouses, pants with a stretch panel in front, etc. It seems most shoppers at maternity stores are gloriously celebrating their bellies, not keeping them under wraps in trepidation of bad news. I ended up buying some long t-shirts and a stretchy skirt, and will fudge w/ my normal clothes as best I can. I guess it isn't too a big a deal if the family finds out, but it will save me all the asking, tracking, and attention on me if I can stave it off for another month. The last miscarriage was brutal, and was definitely made worse by having the pregnancy at the front of everyone's brains & hearts every time they talked to me/saw me. I like the attention to be on Pequita now, where it belongs. Who wouldn't want to focus on this?

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